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Autodrive.am – exists for every Armenian car enthusiasts of the world. It is the online version of program “Autodrive”, which takes place on broadcasting company “KENTRON”.Here are posted all videos of this program – by their format specification.

            In June 2011 producer Mkhitar Hovakimyan decided to create a TV program, which would talk about the Armenian motorsport,  about the most interesting world motor producing  news, present cars, which are more known in Armenia, not commercial, but from its different sides – both - good and bad.  For this he collected a theam of car enthusiasts: Mkhitar Hovakimyan – director, Ara Vardgesyan - organizator of  shootings, Nona Gevorgyan – editor and the professional pilot – Smoke.

 Every car has its liker (buyer). Becides such desirable cars, like Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador or Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 there  are also modern cars like Smart Fortwo, Mini Paceman and Kia Picanto. So, as we think – “IMPORTANT THING IS THE DRIVER, NOT THE CAR”.



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